Digital data bus immobilizers for cars, motorcycles, motorhomes and vans

Electronic and mechanical immobilisers

Starline immobilizer

In contrast to the standard factory immobiliser, which is always identical and found in the same place on a vehicle type, retrofitted systems provide significantly more protection against theft. The retrofit systems are always installed differently in the vehicles, are disarmed in a wide variety of ways or block their property either analogue, digitally or mechanically.

Immobilisers prevent driving away from the vehicle and do not trigger an alarm. Especially for vehicles with the convenient keyless systems, which have to be particularly protected against theft due to range extension, additional protection is indispensable. This is proven by independent tests such as this one by the ADAC:

High-quality immobilisers reduce the risk of theft by learning other vehicle keys, hacking the radio code from the vehicle key and even if your own vehicle key is stolen. Only towing is still possible, because a car thief will never be able to simply drive away with your car.

Adapt the type of disarming to your needs and do not give up the convenience of keyless systems. There are systems that no longer require additional remote controls, transponders or driver cards. No flashing LEDs or keypads can lead to conclusions about the hidden installation location of the retrofitted immobiliser. In addition, the electronics are extremely compact and cannot be located in the car, detected by a diagnostic system or manipulated.

Ampire immobilizer

A professional lock should be automatically disarmed when leaving the vehicle. Disarming can be done by code entry, RF transponder, smartphone or a classic key. For manual disarming by code, only existing keys of your car are used. You specify any code with buttons in the steering wheel, navigation or on the dashboard. To disarm, this code must be pressed before every journey. It's as easy as using the PIN on your Credit card.

In addition to manual disarming, some systems use RF technology for automatic disarming. You can easily disarm these immobilisers wirelessly via a RF transponder or your smartphone.

Get advice from a specialist. We recommend the purchase and professional installation only by an authorised Ampire dealer with an installation workshop near you.

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