META SYSTEM GPS tracking systems for cars, motorcycles, motorhomes and vans via smartphone

The convenient GPS tracking system for your smartphone

In many countries, the number of car thefts is rising rapidly. Standard alarm systems and immobilisers can easily be overridden by professional thieves and car jacking is becoming more and more 'attractive' in some regions, not only causing financial damage but also putting the lives of the victims in danger. Tracking systems are a powerful weapon to combat car theft. Using satellite tracking and mobile phone communication, it is possible to determine the whereabouts of a stolen vehicle and pass this information on to the police, resulting in very high recovery rates. Our customers can locate and track their vehicles at any time without the need for a costly app or software. It is also optionally possible to immobilise the vehicle over the air.

Ampire Electronics exclusively distributes the GPS systems from the Italian manufacturer META SYSTEM in Germany. The systems, manufactured in Reggio Emilia in northern Italy, were developed for European car manufacturers and insurance companies and are now also available for retrofitting.

You too can rely on the original equipment quality of a renowned automotive supplier. The systems, designed for durability, are definitely worth every cent.

We distinguish between two different systems. The METATRAK, which is connected to the on-board power supply and permanently sends all driving data to the server, and the METAPULSAR, which is battery-operated and saves the location to the server at adjustable intervals.