Integration von Apple CarPlay und Android Auto in Navigationssysteme von Autos

We bring your smartphone into the factory radio

Is your vehicle lacking the necessary technology to take advantage of your smartphone while driving?

Our smartphone interfaces are compatible with Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto, making them an intelligent and safer way to use your smartphone in the car. Everything is operated via the vehicle's own buttons and control systems. Of course, you can also use Siri and OK Google voice control via the included microphone. Everything you want to do with your smartphone while driving can be done directly from the car's display with Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto. You can easily get directions from Google Maps, send and receive WhatsApp messages and stream your music from Spotify.

Apple CarPlay in an AUDI


If your vehicle is equipped with a Bluetooth hands-free system, you can of course operate it conveniently and safely via our interface..


- Interface for integration of Wireless and Wired Apple CarPlay® and for Android Auto

- Operation via OEM buttons/touchpad from vehicle

- Wired Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto via USB (switch off WLAN on iPhone)

- Android Mirrorlink function (mirroring of smartphone display)

- USB input for multimedia playback (e.g. USB stick)

- Video playback with Apple iOS only via USB cable

- Supports RMVB, MOV, MKV, MP4, AVI, RM with up to 1080p HD resolution

- Integrated audio DSP with equaliser for audio output

- Analogue audio output with 3 volts output voltage for sound output (Audio AUX)

- Supports left- and right-hand drive vehicles

- Software update via micro USB input

- Apple Siri" and "OK Google" voice control via supplied microphone

WiFI Icon


Simply connect your smartphone to the USB socket in our system and off you go. Even more convenient, you can connect your smartphone wirelessly via WLAN.

Apple CarPlay in Benz


Our LDS interfaces have all been tested in the test laboratory and have the E-approval number required for installation in motor vehicles.

Apple CarPlay in Mercedes

Ampire offers plug-and-play smartphone interfaces for a wide range of cars with full integration into the car's existing multimedia system. The image is displayed on the entire factory monitor.

Rearview Camera Icon


Our interfaces support factory-fitted cameras, but also offer the option of retrofitting with two camera inputs (front/rear).


Check the compatibility lists below to see if we can supply a suitable solution for your car. Before ordering, you must also check whether your factory-fitted multimedia system also has an audio AUX input or whether this can be retrofitted. In addition, there is also the possibility to transmit the sound wirelessly via A2DP if your vehicle supports this technology.

Audio Aux Input Car

Example photo for an audio AUX

Android Auto


The minimum requirements for wireless use are:

Apple CarPlay iPhone 5 and above.

Android Auto Android 11, Android Auto 4.8 or higher, WLAN 5GHz. Some manufacturers, such as Samsung, have their own Android-based OS. Wireless use may not be possible with this.

Overview of the interfaces

Benefits and possibilities of retrofitting Apple Carplay or Android Auto in the car

Are you tired of having to fumble with your phone while driving? Want to make your driving experience safer and more convenient? Look no further than the installation of Apple Carplay or Android Auto in your car!

With Apple Carplay or Android Auto, you can easily access your favorite apps, such as music, navigation, and messaging, directly from your car's infotainment system. This means you can stay connected and stay focused on the road at the same time.

Not only that, but both Apple Carplay and Android Auto also offer hands-free calling and text messaging, allowing you to stay connected without ever having to take your hands off the wheel. And with voice control, you can easily make calls, send messages, and navigate without ever having to touch your phone.

In addition, both systems also offer real-time traffic updates, so you can always know the best route to take to avoid delays. And with the ability to access your phone's contacts, you can easily make calls to friends and family without ever having to search through your phone.

The installation of Apple Carplay or Android Auto in your car is a simple and straightforward process, and can be done at most car dealerships or specialized car audio shops. And with the added convenience and safety features, it's a small investment that will pay off in the long run.

Upgrade your car today with Apple Carplay or Android Auto and experience the best of both worlds - stay connected and stay safe on the road!