Smartphone Mirror

Smartphone operation, reversing camera and dashcam in perfect combination

Ampire CPS090

Smartphone operation

Would you like to retrofit Apple CarPlay or Android Auto to your factory-fitted car radio without a monitor? Then the CPS090 digital interior mirror from Ampire is just the right product for you. This high-resolution 9'' touchscreen monitor allows you to integrate your smartphone in almost any vehicle.

Our CPS090 with integrated smartphone interface is compatible with wireless Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto (please note the minimum requirements) and is therefore a smart and safer way to use your smartphone in the car. Everything is operated via the intelligent voice control Siri or OK Google or on the 9" touchscreen monitor, which you can securely attach above your interior mirror using the holder supplied.

Everything you want to do with your smartphone while driving can be done directly via this monitor with Apple CarPlay® or Android Auto. You can easily call up directions or send and receive messages.

While navigating, you can listen to your favourite music via Spotify, for example, or your favourite radio station via a radio app - and still concentrate on the road. simply connect your smartphone wirelessly to our monitor via WLAN and off you go.

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The sound is sent directly to the existing car radio via FM (FM transmitter). In addition, a small loudspeaker is integrated in the housing which can e.g. play messages from the . navigation system. Alternatively via an audio AUX input with 3.5mm jack plug.

If your car radio has an A2DP audio streaming input, the sound can also be transmitted directly from the smartphone.

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CPS090 Dashcam
CPS090 Frontkamera

Dual dashcam and AHD reversing camera

A full HD dashcam is integrated on the back of the monitor and the second AHD camera can be mounted at the rear of the vehicle. The necessity of a dashcam is undisputed for frequent drivers. This is because often only such video recordings can clarify who caused the accident or whether you, as the person involved in the accident, are partly to blame.

The two cameras can record the traffic situation on a microSD card while driving. In addition, the rear camera is displayed as a full screen on the monitor when reversing.

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Display of Android Auto

Unlike Apple CarPlay, there is no full-screen mode in Android Auto for the CPS090 and the display is always in half-screen mode (split screen). This is due to the fact that Android Auto has a fixed icon structure and binding display requirements. Only four icons are ever shown next to each other and the user must be able to see at least two lines on the display. This requirement cannot be met in full-screen mode, which is why only half-screen mode is available to the CPS090 for Android Auto.

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