Lautsprecher für klassische Autos - Oldtimer und Youngtimer

Coaxial loudspeakers in all dimensions for carhifi installation in cars

Acoustically powerful coaxial loudspeakers for vehicle-specific original installation locations.

With the coaxial loudspeakers, standard loudspeakers with a below-average sound quality can easily be replaced by powerful 2-way sound transducers. Designed for the original installation locations of passenger cars, this series offers a high degree of compatibility with over 45 vehicle manufacturers, and both wideband and coaxial systems are included in the range. In addition to acoustic superiority, the speakers also offer high power handling.

Precision through state-of-the-art manufacturing

Accuracy and precision in the construction of Ampire sound transducers is extremely important, meticulous precision is mandatory for us. The Magnat developers check and optimise both the centring and the magnetic field of the loudspeakers using the Klippel measuring method. The laser-based Klippel technology simulates real music and speech sounds - in contrast to conventional measurement methods that only work with small signals - and thus delivers meaningful results.

High power handling

Optimised heat dissipation is essential for high-performance transducers. The voice coil in particular is always under load and at risk of overheating. For this reason, Ampire engineers have developed an additional voice coil ventilation that maximises power handling and significantly reduces mechanical damping.

Selected materials for high durability

To achieve optimum efficiency, Ampire engineers use selected components and materials. Patented CIPP polypropylene membranes are used for the woofer. This results in a light but at the same time stiff diaphragm that is hardly prone to partial vibrations. In addition, there is a specially designed, lightweight surround. The tweeters follow a similar path, using a coated polycarbonate diaphragm driven by a powerful neodymium magnet.