Ultraschall Rückfahrwarner für Autos und Transporter

Ultrasonic parking aid for cars and vans

Many modern vehicles have sacrificed their clarity for design and safety. In new vehicle models, it is impossible to get a clear view of the bodywork, either at the front or at the rear. It is therefore not uncommon for even an experienced driver to overlook poorly visible obstacles such as concrete posts, boundary stones or poles.

The professional retrofitting of a parking aid can therefore not only prevent scratches, but also tragic accidents. When selecting the right parking aid, it is important to ensure that even very small or narrow obstacles and moving objects, such as pedestrians, are reliably detected. That is why all 4-sensor parking aids from META SYSTEM have the best possible obstacle detection. Many other systems do not meet these high requirements of car manufacturers and therefore do not protect to the same extent.

The sensors can, of course, be painted over and, thanks to their flat construction, integrate into the design of your vehicle. Visually, the sensors hardly differ from standard parking systems.

Installation example 19mm

Installation example 17mm

Ampire Electronics exclusively distributes the ultrasonic parking sensors from the Italian manufacturer META SYSTEM. The systems, manufactured in Reggio Emilia in northern Italy, were developed for European car manufacturers and are now also available for retrofitting.

You too can rely on the original equipment quality of a renowned automotive supplier. The systems, designed for durability, are definitely worth every cent.