Vehicle-specific reversing cameras for the 3rd brake light

Vehicle-specific reversing cameras for the 3rd brake light

Ampire offers vehicle-specific rear view cameras for the most important vans on the European market. These are usually simply exchanged for the factory brake light glass without damage. In some cases, a microphone or infrared lighting is already integrated. The infrared illumination makes it possible to ensure sufficient illumination even in the dark.

In the latest generation of van cameras, an improved camera chip with significantly higher resolution has been used and the new mini-connectors make it much easier to lay the cables in the vehicle.


The cameras of the KV series are usually plug-and-play and simply exchanged for the brake light.


Brake light cameras are the perfect integration without damaging the body of the vehicle.

Type approval

Our brake light cameras have E approval for electromagnetic compatibility and brake light homologation.

Continuous operation

The KV series power supply units are designed for continuous use (ignition) and can be operated 24h/7.


The new connectors are hardly larger than the cables and make it much easier to install them in the vehicle.

Infrared Illumination

In some cameras, an infrared LED illumination has been integrated for use in the dark.

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