Monitore zur Installation auf dem Cockpit

Rear view camera monitors

The easiest and cheapest way to see a rear view camera from the driver's seat is to mount a separate monitor. These monitors are available from AMPIRE in two sizes: 5" (127mm) and 7" (178mm) screen diagonal.

They are mounted by means of an adhesive mount or a suction cup mount. All monitors have two video inputs and can therefore display not only a rear view camera, but also an additional camera on the front of the vehicle, the trailer hitch or, for example, in the horse trailer.

By default, all video inputs are RCA jacks. Only the RVM072 monitors have additional waterproof Aviation connectors for direct connection of transporter cameras including power supply.

Rotate display

With the RVM051 and RVM071 monitors, you can rotate and mirror the display of the cameras.

Show guide lines

With the RVM072-3G monitor, you can display guide lines and position them individually on the monitor.

The alternative

If your vehicle already has a factory-fitted monitor, it may also be possible to use this for the rear view camera. For this, however, so-called video feeders are necessary. You can find them here.

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