By far the most popular design among professionals. The camera is very small and unobtrusive. It has wide 115° horizontal viewing angle. Due to the various adjustment possibilities, it is suitable for mounting on the front or rear of the vehicle, on horizontal as well as vertical surfaces.


The cameras of the X-LINE series meet the highest requirements for continuous use in motor vehicles. All mounting parts are made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel and the housings are made of plastic.


The cameras are waterproof according to IP69K. This is an all-round protection against dirt and moisture. It allows the use of high-pressure cleaners and prevents the penetration of liquids, dust or steam.


The X-LINE cameras made especially for AMPIRE all use a standardised cable set and are compatible with each other. The connection cable can also be extended for large vehicles.


These cameras can be individually adjusted to the installation situation. For example, the image can be mirrored horizontally, rotated by 180° or parking lines can be displayed.


An additional video input with switch-off delay enables the connection of an optional front camera with automatic switching.

Einbaubeispiele der KCX302 Kamera von AMPIRE