The REDONDO S model from RetroSound has offset buttons and rotary controls. It was developed especially for the following vehicles: Dodge Charger 1966-67, Dodge Coronet 1966-67, Dodge Dart 1963-67, Plymouth Barracuda 1964-67, Plymouth Fury 1964 and the Plymouth GTX 1967. It can be combined with the MOTOR-1DAB, MOTOR-1DAB-1 or the MOTOR-6DAB radio modules.

With the MOTOR-6DAB, it has a DAB+ tuner, certified Apple iPod/iPhone control and an LED display illuminated in 32,000 different colours. This allows you to perfectly match the illumination colour to your classic car. With this unit, you get the design of your classic and don't have to do without modern digital media. A USB and AUX inputs on the back of the unit allow you to play external audio sources.