AMPIRE Audio Sensor

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A hidden microphone analyzes the frequency, intensity and timing of all sounds in the vehicle. The spectral characteristics of a recorded noise are evaluated by a microprocessor. Upon detection of typical characteristics of the bursting noise of glass, an alarm is triggered. This technology works absolutely free of false alarms. Advantages of the system: - Cost-effective sensor - Easy installation - Minimal costs for cabling - Very high false alarm safety Important note: If you want to connect several alarm sensors to an alarm input of the alarm system, you must decouple each alarm line with a blocking diode (sold separately). Otherwise false alarms may occur.

- Red: Connect the red cable of the 3-pin plug permanently with 12V.
- Black: Connect the black cable of the 3-pin connector to ground or the "ground if arm" connector of your alarm system.
- Blue: Connect the blue cable of the 3-pin connector to the (-) alarm input of your alarm system.

- Choose a good installation location, e.g. Under the roof or against the pane to be monitored, for the optimal function of the sensor. Avoid proximity to loud motors, compressors or fans. Determine the exact position and orientation of the GS506 so that the microphone side of the sensor has an unobstructed view of the monitored panes. No objects or cable trees may obscure the detection angle of the sensor.

- Adjust the sensitivity using the small control on the housing. Make a sound with a key collar to check the setting. A ticking with a coin on a vehicle window should not trigger an alarm. The red LED is lit whenever the sensor triggers an alarm.

- Operating voltage: 9-15V DC
- Current consumption: 1mA (average value with normal function)
- Temperature range: -40 ° C ~ + 85 ° C
- Output signal: negative pulse of 0.5 seconds (short-circuit protection)
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