Bluetooth Receiver

Retrofit Bluetooth audio streaming in almost any vehicle

You would also like to be able to listen to your music, podcasts, audio books or navigation messages from your smartphone wirelessly via Bluetooth in the car and your car radio cannot yet do this, then the Ampire Bluetooth receivers of the BTR series are the perfect solution for almost all cars.

Because you can retrofit wireless A2DP Bluetooth audio streaming to most navigation or car radios with the Bluetooth receivers from Ampire. The prerequisite is a so-called audio aux input (3.5 mm jack plug or cinch) for an external music source. The power supply can be provided via a USB socket or 12 volts.

The wireless connection is easily set up once on the smartphone and is automatically re-established. The BTR series uses the Bluetooth protocol for headphones on your smartphone and of course does not affect the functionality of your existing Bluetooth handsfree.

Bluetooth® listening in CD quality with aptX®

As an alternative to standard Bluetooth®, we also have receivers with the Bluetooth® aptX® codec. This codec is becoming more and more popular. If you use devices with the aptX standard, you can significantly improve the sound quality of your Bluetooth streams.

The aptX® codec uses a more efficient method of compressing audio data that makes better use of the available bandwidth. The prerequisite for aptX® streams is that both the playback device and the transmitter also support Bluetooth aptX®. The function can be recognised by the aptX® lettering on the device. The codec supports the common audio formats such as MP3 and FLAC.

The Bluetooth® aptX® codec is not supported from an Apple iPhone.

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